Double Threat

Double Threat Cassette

FITOUR's #1 selling audio cassette for cardio kickboxing "Summer Tour 99".
Frank's "Salsa" music over Funky Hip Hop & House Beats. Music specifically
written for cardio kickboxing. Instrumentally recorded for those instructors
who choose to be a Superstar during every class. Have your class surrounded
with Latin percussion. Exercise to congas,timbales, bongos, cowbells, maracas,
and brass horns with Latin riffs!

BPM 130 / 60 min / 32 count

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Drum-n-Bass Cassette

An instrumental cassette that can be
used for any type of aerobic class
especially for cardio kickboxing.
You will have the latest drum beat
patterns on one tape. Solid beats that
are perfectly mixed in standard 32 count.

BPM 132 / 60 min
Beats: Techno, House, Jungle, Funk,
Hip Hop, and Acid Jazz.
This tape is PHAT!

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(Decorative Painting on Bass by Kindy Kemp)

In High Gear

In High Gear Cassette

****Latest Release****
45 min mix same on both sides
Check out RM1X remixes by Frank Navarro !!

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140 6 min Psyche


146 3 min Trance160 3 minHardcore 2
128 1.5 min N.Y. House124 1.5 min Big Beat 2
150 3 min Epic160 3 min Hardcore 3
123 1.5 min House130 1.5 min Breakin'
155 3 min Art Core146 3 min Trance 2
132 1.5 Eurotech125 1.5 min Epic Hustle
160 3 min Hardcore1 145 3 min Psyche 2
124 1.5 min Big Beat 1132 1.5 min Big Beat 4

El Salsero- New Blood

Sangre Nueva "El Salsero" CD
Frank's debut "CD" released by"Pandisc

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Records" where he is featured as a "rapper"
and musician 10 songs just for your musical