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As you know, cardio kickboxing classes such as Crush Kick® have become
the hottest trend in the fitness industry and are quickly becoming at must for
progressive organizations. Of course, being progressive today means being
flexible enough to meet the demands of members. By you attending a 9 hour
or 2 day instructor certification program and through the introduction of my
new products listed below; Crush Kick® will help you grow, and enhance
your skills. Read entirely, then contact Frank Navarro @ 415-585-9415 to
schedule your appointment!

Crush Kick Instructors @ Cert.


"Crush Kick"® stems from a third generation martial arts background.
Sifu/Kru Frank Navarro has handpicked the most popular, safe and effective
martial arts and boxing movements sequenced to music for the general
population. This "teaching" is for martial artists andgeneral fitness
professionals. Receive a "teaching" of Thai Boxing, Boxing, Kickboxing and
Kenpo Karate. Learn to teach a safe, effective and challenging workout.
Leave this certification program as a "Crush Kick"® instructor with a
thorough knowledge of how to make every group exercise class a traditional
enlightenment to rejuvenate the body as intended thousands of years ago!

($175 value)

Crush Kick Manual


An in depth manual to aid you in your class development. It includes
physiology and biomechanics to enhance understanding of body harmony.

($25 value)

Basics VideoCombos Video


"Crush Kick® Basics" a 45 minute video designed specifically to fulfill
memory recall on all basics taught in the Instructor Training Manual featuring
Professor Carlos "Cardio" Navarro ($19.99 value). "Crush Kick"®
Combinations" a 12 minute video where 24 class combinations are performed
by Frank Navarro and Lori Ledo. ($14.99 value) Also, Crush Kick exercise
tapes are available featuring Frank Navarro & (sister) Master Ruby Navarro.

Crush Kick Apparel

Miss Helen Kim


Available at all certifications to everyone. Printed with an authentic trademark

($15 value)


(Original soundtrack written by F.Navarro)

"Double Threat" a hot Latin Mix of "Salsa" over Funky Hip Hop & House
Beats written especially for "Crush Kick"® by Frank Navarro a/k/a "El
Salsero." Mid Tempo 130 B.P.M.

($20 value)


The certification training program cost is $175.


Instructor Training Manual

Crush Kick Basics & Combos Video

Crush Kick T-Shirt or Sportsbra (upon availability)

Remember, new programs generate new members and new interest!

With more and more facilities coming on board with cardio kickboxing
programs everyday, it's clear that Crush Kick will expand the market
even further. I look forward to having you benefit from CRUSH

Immediately call 1-415-585-9415 to reserve a date(s) to discuss the
enclosed information and to answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for your interest!!

Frank Navarro