by Sifu/Kru Frank Navarro

It is a fun cardio workout "with a kick n' knee, a bob n' weave, then punch n' squeeze with a power yell scream !" It is excellent for cross-training your mind and body. The motions are derived from American Kickboxing & Boxing, Thai Boxing & Kenpo Karate Basics.

#1- To start, have the proper mind-set and do not worry about feeling ackward or uncoordinated. Remember, this class is based on a skilled art, so do not get discouraged. Give yourself the will to change. Do not pass judgement on your abilities. Mistakes are a natural part of learning. Whether you are a slow or quick learner, your body will let you know what it demands (e.g.) energy, speed, timing, balance and focus of movements.

#2 - To learn effectively, you must recognize your efforts. Do not say, "I'm not good enough for this or I am not coming back." Instead, you should congratulate yourself for taking the first step of a positive change.

#3 - Constant attendance and repetition of the correct movements will help you adapt to your new cross-training. Your focus will be learning the motions and then sharpening your technique. The more you do it the better you get and the better you will feel! You will notice accuracy and consistency in your moves. Guess what? You are no longer a beginner! Now that you are no longer thinking about the move-ments because they are happening naturally, you have developed a mental and physical hard drive for the basic skill of "Crush Kick®."

#4 - Now! Take the Martial Arts approach and focus on mental concentration rather than physical exertion. When the mind wanders the effectiveness of "Crush Kick®" decreases. Your discipline and personal power are lost. However, maintain your commitment and strive for emotional satisfaction through "Crush Kick®." Anytime you take care of your body & inner self, the mind follows. You should focus on harmony with your body, rather than stripping away fat cells and burning calories. Of course, "Crush Kick®" will always accomplish the latter.

If you wish to broaden your horizons, you may progress to another level depending on your personal goals. I highly recommend that you seek a professional Martial Arts school that focuses on practical self-defense feasible for you. Before dedicating yourself, there are hundreds of Martial Art styles consisting of forms, strikes, throws, joint locks, chokes and the use of weapons.

You are more than welcome to make a copy. Post it somewhere as a reminder.