Crush Kick® Instructor Manual

Crush Kick Instructor Manual

If you are certified through another
provider and are open minded. Fill
your "cup" with knowledge. Learn
the Crush Kick® basics that are
different from other certifying

Movements are comprised from
"Thai Boxing","Kenpo Karate",
"Boxing" & "American Kickboxing
(35 pages).

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Crush Kick® Intermediate Manual

This manual is level two for your
continuing education as a cardio
kickboxing instructor. It contains
so much info (e.g. 25 fists of Boxing,
New Open Hand Fists, Jumping Kicks,
New Chi Kung Cool Down)

Plus new named combinations such as
"8 Legged Crab", "12 Door Fist",
"Ripping Tiger"and more challenging
combinations ! (22 pages)

Get It Right Away !

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Intermediate Training Manual

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Crush Kick® Basics

FITOUR's #1 selling video for cardio
kickboxing "Summer Tour 99".

An in-depth video that covers
all the Crush Kick® Basics.

Taught by Sifu/Kru Frank Navarro
and assistant Lori Ledo. Featuring
Professor Carlos Navarro (45 min)

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Crush Kick® Combos

Frank & Lori Ledo perform 24 class
combinations to music from from
page27 in the instructor manual.

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Hi Everyone ! It's finally here, what you've
all been waiting for. A handy video that you
can use when you can't make it to class.
Instructors use the moves to create an
authentic workout ....

A 40 that all levels can enjoy !

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Crush Kick® Freestyle

Rubie "Get Tough" introduces you to her
routine with her witty charisma. She's intense,
she's bad, we mean baad', watch out.....she's the
real deal, too! Rubie is a 5th Degree Black Belt
in Chinese Kenpo Karate.

Beg/Int Running Time 40 minutes

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Ground Tactics

Ground Tactics-Tube Strength Training Program !
Franks latest creation a new strength and self-
confidence program designed for group and semi-
private training. It offers all the benefits for the
entire body. Frank demonstrates over 50 exercises that
may be combined with strength & conditioning,
circuit & interval classes, cardio kickboxing &
martial arts training for an ultimate workout. In
addition, to Frank's ingenious choreography,
each exercise is followed by a practical application.
Featuring his father, Professor Carlos Navarro,
10th degree Black Belt Sport specific exercises &
self-defense combined in one !

Beg/Int Running Time 48 minutes

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Ground Tactics Demo Picts