(3 Hours)

This course teaches you all the fundamental movements that are used in Crush Kick®
cardio kickboxing. Crush Kick® is a unique form of cardiovascular exercise that blends
the basics of Thai Boxing, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Kenpo Karate into an exciting class
that can be enjoyed by anyone. This is a non-contact, full body program with no
complicated choreography-just kicks, power punches, knee strikes, and strength training
exercises. Learn terminology, proper form and crucial elements for flawless technique.
Learn to identify proper body mechanics and industry contraindications.

($69 includes instructor handout)
(ACE .3 AFAA 3.0)

(9 Hours)

"Crush Kick"® stems from a third generation martials background. Sifu/Kru (teacher)
Frank Navarro has handpicked the most popular, safe, and effective martial arts and
boxing movements synchronized to music for the general population. Receive a
"teaching" of Thai Boxing, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Kenpo Karate. Learn biomechanics
and physiology to enhance understanding of body harmony. Learn terminology and
how to teach a safe paced, effective, and challenging workout. Leave this certification
program as a "Crush Kick"® instructor with a thorough knowledge of how to make
every group exercise class a rejuvenating enlightenment. Crush Kick® is based on body
harmony as intended thousands of years ago!

($175 includes FREE "Crush Kick"® Basics Video and instructor manual)
(ACE .8 AFAA 7.0)


(4.5 Hours)

This course is the next level for all cardio kickboxing instructors. This workshop is very
challenging and it will advance your skills. You will learn more kicks and boxing's 25
punches. Learn new terminology, sports specific warm up, and new "Chi Kung"
cooldown. New open hand fists will be introduced along with named combinations (e.g.)
"River Meets Mountain", "8 Legged Crab", "Dragon Extends and Bends". Share these
new authentic moves with your class. Make sure you have the basics "down" and be
prepared to work!

($69 value includes instructor manual)
(ACE .3 AFAA 3.0)


(75 min)
A kick n' knee
a bob n' weave
then punch n' squeeze
with a power yell SCREAM!!! -------- Frank Navarro

Frank's workout depicts his fiery energy that will "rock" your cells one by one. He
brings you traditional expressive movements along with his original music that work!
Even though the workout is awesome, you cannot keep moving forever. Therefore, as a
balance, Frank fills your empty cup with knowledge. He lectures you on the historical
evolution of early boxing and martial arts history. In addition, this true master will
separate you from the rest by teaching you 5 practical Crush Kick "Street Smarts"
escapes for "rape prevention".


(3 Hours)

* Ground Tactics has been designed by Frank Navarro to show you new choreography
and learn practical self-defense !

* To increase effectiveness, resistance has been added to the maneuvers with the use of
the Xertube!

* Ground Tactics may be added to most class formats as "muscle conditioning" to

* You will learn how to teach over 50 new sport specific movements that will separate
your class from the rest.

($69 includes instructor handout)
(AFAA 3.0)

(60 min)

Leap into the pool and have some fun.
Experience martial art movements, interval
training & basic "Salsa" Steps to authenthic "Salsa" music !!